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Ikaria is a Greek island 10 nautical miles (19 km) southwest of Samos. It derived its name from Ikarus, the son of Daedalus in Greek mythology, who fell into the sea nearby.

It is one of the middle islands of the northern Aegean, 255 km² (99 mi²) in area with 102 miles (160 km) of coastline and a population of 8,312 inhabitants. The topography is a contrast between verdant slopes and barren steep rocks. The island is mountainous for the most part. It is traversed by Aetheras range, whose highest summit is 1,037m. Most of its villages are nestled in the plains near the coast, with only some of them on the mountains. Ikaria has a tradition in the production of strong red wine. Many parts of the island, especially the ravines, are covered in large bushes, making the landscape lush with green. Aside from domestic and domesticated species (small goat herds make their presence known with their bells, disturbing the serenity of the island) there are a number of small wild animals to be found, such as martens, otters, jumping spiders and toads. Ikaria exhibits a typical Mediterranean climate. Ikaria is also known for its health spas, fed by underground springs heated by radiation. There are many nice, sandy beaches on the island. You can find quite a few totally isolate ones, but there are also more accessible beaches like Armenistis, Kambos and Evdilos.

There are several flights a week between Athens and Ikaria. The island is also connected with the main land or other island through ferryboats or hydrofoils to Samos, Patmos, Kos, Kalymnos and Naxos, as well as Pireus (Athens).


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Samos Island offers a wide range of local products, like olive oil, tasty cheese and fresh fish! You can get these specialities in almost every tavern or shop on the island.

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