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1. Samos - Ag. Zoni - Kamara - Zoodochou Pigis - Kamara - Samos
Easy-moderate. It is only the final pull up the hill to the monastery, Zoodochou Pigis, perched at an altitude of 300 m. which lifts this walk to just above the "easy" grade. Distance: 15 km - Appx 4 hrs. 

2. Samos - Profitis Ilias - Samos
Moderate. Initially the walk ascends from the sea level to 400 m. and, while the paths and tracks are generally good, loose stones underfoot can make parts of the descent tricky. Distance: 5.5 km - Appx 2 hrs.

3. Mesokapos - Mykali - Psili Ammos - Paleokastron - Samos
Easy. There is a little climbing on this walk, which skirts the seashore and follows good tracks. Distance: 14.5 km - Appx 2 hrs. 

4. Kokkari - Vourliotes - Manolates - Stavrinides - Ag. Konstantinos
Moderate - strenuous. The uphill section of this walk total a surprising 600 m, but they are spread throughout the walk. Distance: 16 km - Appx 4h 15 min. 

5. Kampos - Vourliotes - Moni Vronda - Kokkari
Moderate - strenuous. The walk starts with a continuous ascent from sea level paths up to 460 m, on a mainly good road. The downhill section is often over rocky or stony paths unsuitable for fast walking. Distance: 10 km - Appx 3h 15 min. 

6. Potami - Mikro Seitani - Kosmadeo - Nikoloudes - Tsourlei - Paleo Karlovassi - Karlovassi
Moderate - strenuous. The hard work is confined to an ascent from sea level up to 475 m; rest of the walk is downhill. Distance: 18 km - Appx 4h 45 min. 

7. Potami - Mikro Seitani - Megalo Seitani - Drakei
Moderate - strenuous. This is an undulating coastal walk which reaches a height only 375 m; however, the paths are narrow and sometime stony. Some people may find sections of the path between Mikro and Megalo Seitani vertiginous. Distance: 10 km - Appx 2h 45 min.

8. Karlovassi - Paleo Karlovassi - Kosmadeo - Miro Seitani - Potami - Karlovassi
Strenuous. Kosmadeo is at an altitude of 600 m and the route up from sea level is steep at times, but at least there is plenty of shade on the way. Some of the paths, tracks and trails used in this walk require careful footwork and cannot be taken hurriedly. Distance: 21.5 km - Appx 5 hrs. 

9. Karlovassi - Paleo Karlovassi - Kastro - Potami - Tsourlei - Paleo Karlovassi - Karlovassi
Easy - moderate. There is some climbing involved, initially to 140 m and similarly again beyond Potami. The final ascent onto the track at the 2h - point is a bit of scrable - avoided in the Alternative walk. Distance: 15.5 km - Appx 3h 45 min.

10.  Kosmadeo to Marathokambos

Moderate. It only suitable for experienced walkers - route-finding can be difficult on the path between the 34 min and 1h 6 min - points, and there is some danger of vertigo along the section as well. Distance: 10 km - Appx 2h 30 min.

11.  Votsalakia - Moni Evangelistria - Vigla - Votsalakis
Very strenuous; only for very fit and experienced walkers. The ascent on this walk is 1440 m, and almost all of it is on a steep gradient and over very rocky terrain. The summit is often shrouded in cloud, particularly through in spring and autumn, so wait until you are enjoying a spell of settled fine weather before you attempt this walk, and never attempt it in changeable weather conditions. Be prepared, too, for the wind chill factor on the summit. Distance: 21 km - Appx  6h 30 min.

12.  Platanos - Kondeika - Ydroussa - Kondakeika - Ag. Dimitrios
Moderate. There is not too much uphill walking, although we do start with a climb of 150 m. The normal ups and downs follow, but usually on tracks and paths which are good underfoot. Distance: 15 km - Appx 3h 20 min.

13.  Koutsi - Neochori - Koumeika - Ormos - Marathokambos
Easy - moderate. This is mainly downhill walking; only the loose stony descent to the seashore, which requires some agility, raises the walk from the easy category. Distance: 11 km - Appx 2h 30 min.

14.  Pandrosos - Lazarus - Kokkari
Strenuous, but not as difficult as it might seen. We start at 600 m, leaving only around 550 m of climbing, most of it during the early section of the walk, while you are still fresh. Distance: 17 km - Appx 4h 30 min.

15.  Pandrosos - Profitis Ilias - Manolates - Platanakia
Strenuous, but not as difficult as it might seen. Pandrosos is situated at an elevation of around 600 m/2000 ft, which only leaves some 540m to climb to reach the highest point - and at the start of the walk, while you are still fresh. Distance: 19 km - Appx 4hrs

16.  Mavratzei to Kokkari
Moderate. The ascending part of this walk takes you up to an altitude of around 400 m, but does so through gradual undulations along footpaths, and tracks which are generally good. Distance: 13 km - Appx 3hrs

17.  Mavratzei to Mytilini

Easy. We start with a section of path, but walk is mainly on a track , and the ascents are fairly gradual. Distance: 11 km - Appx 2h 30 min.

18.  Chora - Mili - Heraion - Pythagorion
Easy - moderate. Only the length raises the grade: this is a mainly level walk with only a gentle climb, finishing with a canter round the bay.           Distance: 20 km - Appx 4hrs.

19.  Mytilini to Kokkari
Easy. There is little climbing involved in this walk, which follows good tracks all the way. Distance: 9 km - Appx 2 hrs.

20.  Mytilini - Moni Vronda - Vourliotes - Platanakia
Moderate. The height gained throughout this walk totals around 460 m but the ascent are not too steep; otherwise the walk is on tracks and paths which are good underfoot. Distance: 16.5 km - Appx 3h 45 min

21.   Mytilini - Ag. Triades - Moni Spilianis - Pythagorion
Easy. The walk is on good tracks over level ground almost all the way. However, the descent on a dusty path can be tricky. Distance: 8.5 km - Appx 2h 30 min.

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