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Samos - Antonis Tavern - Chora / Hora

"Antonis" is a renowned tavern, which is much-lauded by the "Guide de Routard" (a popular French tourist guide), and is also remarked in the Dutch “ANWB” guidebook. In the tavern they offer a menu from which you can order, but if requested they also serve small dishes with culinary delights. No matter what is ordered, everything will be very delicious. Leek quiche, secret egg dishes, delicious tzatziki, tasty salads, pleasant-tasting chicken, light green Greek peppers stuffed with feta cheese, fried chickpea balls, grilled hamburgers and octopus salad – these are just a few examples of their extraordinary tasty dishes. Antonis, the tavern's owner who speaks a trifle English, is also a very friendly and decent waiter.

Samos - Sinadisi Restaurant - Chora / Hora

Another highlight that should be experienced. Restaurant “Sinadisi” is hosted by Dutch Emmie and her husband Jurgos. It is located at the village's port when you come from Pythagorio. “Sinadisi”'s sign resembles a pizzeria, and although the pizza is scrumptious, the menu has much more to offer. Have a try of several dishes, such as Mexican chicken (sliced chicken filet in a delicious sauce), Bekri meze (pork in tomato-cheese sauce), the tasty "Pizza Calzone Vesuvio" (a double folded hot stuffed pizza), delicious saganaki (feta cheese flambéed in liquor) and a great tzatziki (yogurt and cucumber dip) and tuna salad. With this and a good bottle of wine, you can enjoy an entertaining evening with amusement and first-class service. The majority of the guests are Greeks but also few tourists. That is what gives this restaurant a very nice atmosphere.

Ambrosia Restaurant in Pythagorion

“Ambrosia” has a big variety of dishes to offer on its menu. Sample the crab salad (which is served tastefully decorated with a tomato in the shape of a flower on the top), try also the fries, which are crispy and tasty, and the pita giros: delicious and not expensive at all. Moreover the zucchini balls are very recommended.

Aigaio Taverna in Ireon

In this village, alongside Pythagorion which is a little more quiet, you can find an adorable restaurant on the water. It is called “Aigaio” and its owner Markos is a kind man. The tzaziki with carrot and cucumber (and amply garlic) and the white wine (which is served in neat wine glasses) taste delicious. You should not miss the salad Aegean: it is served with ham, eggs, feta, different kinds of olives, onion rings, tomatoe, cucumber, lettuce, a cocktail sauce and fresh herbs. Also very good are the aubergines (eggplant) with garlic sauce, the liver (with fried onions), the saganaki (fried cheese) and the chicken souvlaki.

To Steki Restaurant in Ireon

Situated at the harbour front of Ireon near a small beach in the north east you can find “To Steki”. Its bread comes with butter, herbs and tapenade. There are various of special dishes on the menu with little extras. Give the floggers a try (a sort of croquetes with cheese and bacon). And also taste the aubergine slices with bacon in cream sauce (called special mezes), the mexico chicken (a hot number with peppers, mushrooms and carrots) and the lamb chops. The wine is exquisite and everything looks very attractive.

Cohyli Restaurant in Ireon

The “Cohyli Restaurant” is located at the south side of the harbour front near to the path which leads to Papa Beach. This yellow painted building is just behind another building at the sea. Behind the Hotel Cohyli is a beautiful grand garden. Its cook Christina is famous for her cheese saganaki's (fried cheese) on which she spills a special mixture of alcoholic secrets that she inflames then. Not in the kitchen but in your presence. There is a great and varied menu with a wide range where guests with any kind of flavour can find something tasty.

Stella Cypriot Restaurant in Balosrestaurant

Why not having an enjoyable experience amongst kind people? Compared to Greek cooking, the Cypriot cuisine is just a bit different because of different spices and different salads. Order a Cypriot salad and you experience a great composition of tzaziki, pork and potatoes from the oven. Enjoy a nice glass of wine with home-made bread. The vegetables come from the restaurant's own garden. In this special atmosphere you more feel like you visit a friend for dinner than just being an ordinary customer: the hosts are very friendly and even join you for a chat.

Akrogiali Restaurant in Balos

This restaurant is one of the few restaurants in Balos. As it is located at the water in the beginning of the village, “Akrogiali” has a terrace right at the sea beneath a tamarisk tree. Without spending much money you can have for example: different kinds of appetizers, hamburgers, salads, souvlakis, several kinds of fish and shrimps. They also serve Tzaziki with carrots and cucumber in it, and plenty of garlic. The Greek salad comprises sweet tasty tomatoes, paprika, cucumber, onion rings, feta and olives. After one of these delicious dishes, have a nice cup of a big and strong cappuccino with whipped cream and cinnamon!

Akrogiali Restaurant in Votsalakia

The restaurant is situated at the road that leads through Kampos Marathokampos / Votsalakia. A beautiful menu - shaped like a seashell, made of wood – offers a wide range of dishes. A nice English breakfast costs 7 Euro (2007) and it comes with a Lavazza coffee (on request).

Restaurant "Aegean Balcony " in Limnionas

In this restaurant, which is situated at the beach, they serve several kinds of international breakfasts and just like sandwiches, salads, fish and grilled dishes. The chef salad consists of ham, cucumber, egg, tomatoes, lettuce, and cocktailsauce. The lamb is soft and good, and the mousaka (with a bit of parmezan cheese on top and some rice on the side) is very delectable. All this is topped off by good music and very friendly waiters.

Seapark Restaurant in Limnionas

This café bar is the perfect place for having breakfast, lunch or a cocktail in the evening. It offers several kinds of breakfasts with pancakes, fruit juice and coffee. Sit on one of the nicely decorated tables and enjoy the atmosphere in this jaunty painted bar. They create a relaxing atmosphere by playing music e.g. from Enigma or Bob Marley. Have a delicious pancake with a tasteful cappuccino (which comes with a glass of water) served by one of Seapark's amicable hosts.

Restaurant Galini in Limnionas

Restaurant “Galini” is located on the right side of the road that leads to Limnionas. On the menu there are delicious dishes like pizza, appetizers and many vegetarian and grilled dished. Especially the chicken souvlaki – which comes in large portions – and the fresh fish is very recommended. Have a taste of shrimps saganaki, a pizza special Galini and tomato croquettes while listening to popular Greek music. Moreover enjoy a glass of home-made wine. Also try their famed cheese pie which is very tasteful.

Epi Oyzion Restaurant in Limnionas

The “Epi Oyzion Restaurant” is just around the corner from Limnionas' beach. Take the steps up to get into the restaurant which overpeaers the sea. Try the Greek salad, the zucchini-balls, the tzatziki, as well as the saganaki (fried cheese) and have a glass of their very good Rosé! The very kind waiter serves you bread from one piece with a potato salad.

Limnionas Taverna in Limnionas

It is said to be the best restaurant in the village of Limnionas. It is located on the beach. Just walk along the beach on the left hand side and you will find this large restaurant. Have a try of their scordalia (mashed potatoes and garlic), the chef's salad (with leaks, ham, cheese and eggs), the spinach pie (freshly made and prepared by the restaurant - not from a freezer), the mousaka and the lamb chops. Everything on their menu is very good. As well as the characterful local rosé, the fresh bread and the friendly service.

Taverna At the End of the World in Limnionas

Have a 2500 m long walk from Limnionas along the coastline and enjoy the most impressive views until you reach the taverna “At the End of the World”. The owner Andreas is a very friendly person who has a lot of interesting stories to tell. Around the taverna you can find an area that is perfect for promenades and moreover there is an isolated little beach nearby. All in all oe can say that you can experience there the perfect host, the perfect place, the perfect views and the perfect cheap prices as well. A must-see for a visit of this part of Samos.

Kostas Taverna in Drakei

In the west of Samos you can find this one of the best restaurants on the island of Samos. It is located close to the main church. Take the stairs up to the platform where you can savour a wonderful view of the sea and the surrounding area. One of the hosts is very friendly and helpful Katerina who speaks many languages including German and English. The cook is her husband Kostas. This popular and busy place serves delicious zucchini-balls which are covered with a bit of parmezan cheese, Greek salad with a bit of fresh thyme on it and home-made bread.

Stamna Taverna in Pirgos

This taverna is next to the road in this village with many ceramics. They often have barbecues and their prices are cheap: 2 Euro for a tasteful cappuccino with lots of whipped cream on top (2007).

Iron Stone Café Bar in Ormos

This bar you can find in the harbour of Ormos. There are only served drinks, coffee and ice cream, no food. The cappuccino costs 2,50 Euro (2007) and comes in nice-looking cups with a glass of water with ice cubes in it. The dainty coffee is served with whipped cream.

Kerkis Bay Family Tavern - Ormos Marathokampos

The “Kerkis Bay Family Tavern” is situated in front of the Kerkis Bay Hotel which is at the beginning of the village of Ormos. Remarkable are their comfortable chairs and the spotless and clean toilets. Order a chicken salad or a grilled chicken and have a nice cup of cappuccino. The serve large, cheap and very tasty portions which are also nicely presented.

Samos - Tavern Maria Alekos - Mili or Myli

Spend some time on the attractive square of Mili with the flowers and the beautiful old trees. Here you can find a number of Greek tavernas with a limited menu. Try the tasteful "zorbena", which is an oven dish with potatoes, bacon, eggplant and cheese. Enjoy their delicious tzatziki and the fresh bread which comes in one piece. Just sit in this place and savour the Greek life and the peace.

Aiolos Restaurant in Agios Konstantinos

At the entrance of the village on the west side next to a small pebble-stoned beach you can find “Aiolos Restaurant”. Taste the stuffed hamburgers, the tzatziki or the pastitio (a kind of pasta dish with minced meat) accompanied by toasted garlic bread. Most of the dishes offered in the restaurant derive from their own garden. The hand-written menu offers several dishes for low prices.

Posidonio Café in Posidonio

This café is situated in the middle of small pebble beaches in the south east of Samos island.

To Remetzo Tavern - Karlovassi

Not far from the port and the beach of Karlovassi you can find the tavern “To Remetzo”. Order a chicken in sauce with french fries and a Greek salad and you can enjoy a tasteful chicken served by the very friendly service.

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