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Megalo Seitani

Megalo Seitani is located on the mountainous northwest coast of Samos. Roads to this part of the island do not exist, so by foot is the only way to reach the beach. Still there is no need to regret the walk: the views along the path are marvelous and the beach is one of the best beaches on Samos. As you have to walk to get there, it is very possible to have for yourself. It isn't an official nudist beach, but it seems to be convenient for nudism and for anyone who is interested in the naturist lifestyle. The beach consists of sand or small pebbles, there do not exist facilities. Be prepared with enough water, sun lotion or anything you need. From Karlovassi, past Potami beach, the road changes from asphalt to grit after about 15 minutes. Do not take the first track off to your right, follow the next path on the right some meters later. Keep continuing on this path as it leads you past a stone hut on the right. Until it weaves down through olive groves to apparently arrives at Mikro Seitani. Before you continue stop on this small beach for a quick swim! Cross the beach to some kind of stairs where you climb up the rocks to the path again. Follow this path and you will eventually reach Megalo Seitani bay. Depending on your celerity and the number of stops the walk from Karlovassi should take about two hours. Be sure to bring plenty of water, wear good walking shoes and suitable clothing. There might also be the possibility to take a small boat from Karlovassi to Megalo Seitani, if it can be found in the harbour.


Mikro Seitani

Mikro Seitani is a small isolated beach also located on the northwest coast of the island. There are not many other possibilities to reach this part of Samos as by foot. It is a nice beach to stop at for a swim on the way to Megalo Seitani but assumable it is not a beach to spend a whole day at.The beach is surrounded by rocks and consists of pebbles. From Karlovassi, past Potami beach, the road changes from asphalt to grit after about 15 minutes. Do not take the first track off to your right, follow the next path on the right some meters later. Keep continuing on this path as it leads you past a stone hut on the right. Until it weaves down through olive groves to apparently arrives at Mikro Seitani.


On Samos northeast coast this long pebble beach with clean waters can be found. It is reachable by car or by foot from Karlovassi. Mainly this beach consists of pebbles.

Waterfalls of Potami

An about 2 km long walk will take you from Potami up the river to the famous waterfalls. It will take you through a nice forest and apparently ends at a small lake where convenient for taking a swim. Then the falls are straight ahead.



This small beach is located next to the road from Karlovassi, down to the harbour and close to the hotels in Karlovassi. On the beach there is a small tavern and available sunbeds and umbrellas.
Karlovassi beach consists of sand and pebbles.


This fine beach with crystal clear water is located just outside Avlakia. There is a parking area down by the beach which gives easy access to the beach, if you arriving by car. Tsambou beach consists of pebbles, available sunbeds and umbrellas and a small tavern.


In a beautiful bay just outside Kokkari there is Tsamadou Beach. From a rather cliffy path down from the main road, the path keeps getting better. On the beach there is a small kiosk as well as taverns nearby. Sunbeds and umbrellas are available for hire. Moreover there are two nice water showers near the kiosk. Principally the beach consists of pebbles and in some parts it has a very steep bottom. Especially if it is a windy day you should expect some waves. The crystal clear water is well suited for snorkeling. This is the only official nudist beach on Samos, and one of the more famous in Greece, with one part of the beach set aside as a nude beach. When you reach the beach the nude area is on your right, to your left is the main non-nudist beach. Even for a non-nudist this marvelous beach is well worth a visit.
Eventhough there is a kiosk at the beach you should still make sure to bring suntan lotion and anything you need for your stay, because the nearest shops are in Kokkari.


In a sheltered bay, Lemonakia Beach is located just outside Kokkari. To reach the beach follow the 100 m long path from the main road. Usually it is a bit more crowded than Tsamadou, but still it is a nice alternative especially for those who prefer calmer water. The beach consists of sand and pebbles, sun beds and umbrellas are available for rent. There is a small tavern on the beach.


Situated on the waterfront in Kokkari, this big beach is appropriately named “The Long beach”. There is a number of taverns right on the beach and plenty more nearby. Due to regular strong northern winds this beach is very popular with windsurfers. The beach consists of pebbles. As the beach is unsheltered from the northern winds it is possible to get pretty big waves near the beach which is something to consider especially when travelling with children.
With some impressive mountains in the background, the main long beach in Kokkari. There are two smaller and equally nice beaches to the east of Kokkari. They are more sheltered and therefore quieter. On the hill above the beaches there is a tavern, with a very nice panorama of the sea. It is a perfect site for a long laid-back lunch.


About 2 km from the centre of Samos town there is Gangou beach. It has frequently been awarded with the blue flag for its clean and crystal clear water.


This is a relaxed and very quite beach situated on the east coast of Samos. It is perfect for those who want to spend a day at the beach without any disturbance. The beaches consist of pebbles and stones, there are taverns next to the beach offering among other things a free shower for guests. Access to the beach is really simple as you drive all the way down to the beach. kerveli beach from atop
There is a beach bar and restaurants nearby, sunbeds and umbrellas are available for hire. The beach is mainly gravel and sheltered in a small bay.

Psili Amos

This nice sandy beach is located 7 km to the south of Samos. It's very flat, therefore it is convenient to go with children there.
There are sunbeds and umbrellas available and there are some taverns nearby.


Also known as “Remataki beach”, this rather small beach is in Pythagorio down by the harbour. As it is a sheltered and shallow beach, it is well suited for children. Near this very nice and sandy beach there are plenty of restaurants. Showers, sunbeds and parasols are available. Especially for visiting sailboats the bay is very a popular place to anchor.
For those who are seeking to do water sports are recommended to rather go to the larger “Potokaki beach”.

The statue of Pythagoras on the pier next to the beach is a must-see. For beer lovers there is a good opportunity to try some of the imported beers at “Rosseto's”.


This large beach with pebbles and sand is situated on southern Samos near many hotels in Pythagorio and the airport. Therefore it is possible to see one or two airplanes taking off right above your head – but do not worry it isn't prevalently enough to disturb you. “Doryssa Hotel” offers several water sport activities on the beach.

“Potokaki” - which is awarded with the blue flag - mainly consists of sand or pebbles. There are numerous locations where umbrellas and sunbeds are available. As you walk along the beach you can find plenty of taverns.

Papa beach

Wonderful and relaxed “Papa beach” is located 100 m outside Ireon. Nearby there is a tavern. This beach can be easily reached by car. Sunbeds and parasols are available just like showers and a small changing room. To the left of the main beach there is a second beach, getting to the sea is a bit more difficult there.

The beaches consist of pebbles and stones, so it is recommended to wear some kind of bathing shoes, especially if you want to go to the second beach.


Located in western Samos this long nice beach is well suited to have a break for lunch during an island tour. Take a relaxing time-out and enjoy a Greek snack in one of the small tavernas nearby. As it is a very quiet with pebbles and sand beach it is optimal for a peaceful rest.


This is a very large beach located on southern Samos consisting of sand and pebbles. Umbrellas and sunbeds are available in one of the various locations along the beach. Moreover there are plenty of taverns close to the beach.

Psili Amos

Not to be mistaken for the other Psili Amos to the east of Samos, this nice beach with pebbles and sand is situated in the west.

As the beach consists of sand and pebbles, the sandy part is popular and is quickly filled up. There are sunbeds, a few tavernas and “The Blue Horizon Hotel” nearby. A quite steep path down from the main road leads to the beach


At the foot of mountain “Kerketes” in the west of Votsalakia there is this beach consisting of pebbles and sand. Sun beds and umbrellas are available for rent. On the beach there is also a small tavern.


This small island near the south coast of Samos can be visited by boat from Pythagorion daily. With a small boat the journey from Pythagorio to Samiopoula takes about one hour. On the beach you can find fine sand and crystal clear water, that is why “Samiopoula” is one of the best beaches you will. As there are many tour operators who include a stop at this beach on their boat trips, it's not quite and idyllic as it is supposed to be. Although there is a small tavern on the island, make sure to bring water, food and suntan cream.
Umbrellas are available for free but no sunbeds.


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